Posted by: Mellie Miller | January 8, 2014

Making Change Easier

Hi everybody!

I was recently introduced to a concept called Access Consciousness.


So far, I love the ideas expressed by Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer on creating change in your life.

If you’d like to give it a try–and I think you’ll find it as fascinating as I do–Go to the following link. They have a lot of free videos to get you started, so you don’t have to spend a dime to try it out.

Go to:

Then click on the Free Video Series link on the right hand side of the page.

You might also check out Dr. Dain Heer’s page:

So go ahead. Get ready to make those changes. How does it get any better than this?



Posted by: Mellie Miller | January 5, 2014

Weight Loss in the New Year

headshot chin in handsOK, the holidays have come and gone, and you want to get serious about losing some weight. There’s that five pounds you put on last year, and then this year, and then…

You know the way it goes. It’s so much easier to gain weight, it seems, than to lose it.

Of course, we all know the first two cardinal rules:

  • Watch your calorie count
  • Increase your physical activity

But maybe there are other things that could help you out. One new idea out there is The Gabriel Method. Jon Gabriel, the developer of this program lost an amazing 226 pounds–without strict dieting or radical exercise.

His program comes with two meditation/self-hypnosis mp3′s to trick your subconscious mind into helping you.

For more information on The Gabriel Method, go to:

There are several articles there about The Gabriel Method.

You can also read my new article on Yahoo about weight loss here:

But no matter what method you try, I wish you success. The new year is here and it’s time to see what else is possible for us.

Happy New Year everybody!


Posted by: Mellie Miller | January 1, 2014

Happy New Year

Yes, the New Year has come and it’s time for all those New Year’s Resolutions.

Why do we make resolutions? We usually don’t keep them.

And if we really are determined to keep them, how do we go about it? Are there any tricks or tips to help us along the way?

If you’re looking for more information about New Year’s Resolutions, check out my new articles at Yahoo Voices.

Have a wonderfully happy and healthy New Year!


Posted by: Mellie Miller | December 24, 2013

Saying Goodbye

Me and Jester1aI don’t care how many times I’ve said goodbye to my dear animal friends, it never gets any easier. Yes, I know I’ll have to let them go someday, but it always seems too soon.

Our big guy, Jester, a shepherd mix left us today. We found him nearly dead from starvation when he was about 5 months old.  After a trip to the vet, we took him home and got him on his way toward putting on some weight. The last trip to the vet for his shots, he was 105 pounds.

OK, he was nine years old, and that’s right up there for someone his size. But he’d shown no signs of being ill. Over the weekend, he played with his puppy friend Mari just like he always had. They’ve been great friends over the past few months.

But this morning when he didn’t come around for his breakfast, I found him stretched out, looking asleep, under his favorite tree. It was sunny in the winter and shaded in the summer, and gave him a good view of the driveway out through the trees.

Goodbye, Jester. Run free old friend. And if you and Squeak should meet up again, please take it easy on each other.

Arrivederci Jester. We miss you.

Posted by: Mellie Miller | December 14, 2013

Have a Safe and Healthy Holiday

Formal BlackHeadshot_smallStaying safe and healthy during the winter holiday season can be tricky. This time of year it seems everyone is out shopping. Parking lots are filled to capacity and weather is bad. And it’s doubly important to think of personal safety with the muggings and violence which seems to go along with it.

For some practical safety tips for this shopping season, look up my article on Yahoo.

Flu and cold season are here, too, so don’t forget to:

  • Wash your hands after pushing shopping carts.
  • Use hand sanitizer.
  • Eat a healthy diet. I know. It’s holiday time, with all the rich foods and sweets. Moderation is the key.
  • Avoid close contact.
  • Stay home if you’re sick. Don’t pass it on to your friends and co-workers.
  • Keep your hands away from your face. Flu and colds are spread when you touch something which is contaminated and then touch eyes, nose, or mouth.
  • Cover your mouth and nose. Instead of using your hand, cough or sneeze into your crooked elbow.

I know, these seem like common sense, but you’d be amazed what you see when you’re out and about in town. Shop safely, stay healthy, and have a fantastic holiday wherever you are.



Winter scene cropped

Posted by: Mellie Miller | December 8, 2013

Holidays and Weight Loss–Mission Impossible?

We’re looking back at Thanksgiving with fond memories and forward to Christmas and New Years celebrations.

But all the dinners, parties, and rich foods can spell disaster. How can we keep on our toes and avoid the after New Year’s dieting frenzy?

First, know your weakness and avoid it. I have a terrible time with sweets. And once I start to nibble, I’m on a downhill slide. I find it easier to simply avoid them than to try and moderate.

Have a healthy snack before going out. If you take the edge off your hunger before leaving the house, you’ll find it easier to resist the temptation to over-indulge.

Drink plenty of water throughout the day. Dehydration can give you the feeling that you’re hungry. How much water do you need? This varies, but a good place to start is 8 eight ounce glasses per day.

Still want something sweet to eat? Find one item and share with a friend. Eat it slowly and savor each bite. Make it last. You may find that if you eat it slowly and consciously, half will be more than enough.

If you have some weight to lose and want to take some preventative action before the holidays, check out the Gabriel Method.  It was designed by Jon Gabriel who, at 400+ pounds decided to take action. After researching the subjects of obesity and weight loss, he used this method to lose 226 pounds.

And he’s kept it off!

I’ve used the Gabriel Method to lose 50 pounds. It’s safe and easy with no radical dieting or extreme exercise.

Whether you’re simply hoping to keep your weight under control during the holidays, or you’ve got some weight to lose already, I hope some of these tips come in handy.

Happy Holidays to everyone. Stay safe, eat healthily, and bring the New Year in with joy.


Posted by: Mellie Miller | November 24, 2013

More on Thanksgiving

Formal BlackHeadshot_smallIf you like my blog, check out my articles on Yahoo. I have two articles published this year on Thanksgiving.


Have We Forgotten Thanksgiving? It seems we’re all in a hurry to get to Christmas. But what about Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving Traditions reflects back to my life on the farm during Thanksgiving. What are your family traditions?

Have a happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Posted by: Mellie Miller | November 24, 2013


headshot chin in handsWhat is gratitude? According to the dictionary  it is the “quality or feeling of being grateful or thankful.”

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, I’ve been reflecting on those things I’m thankful for during this past year. For the family and friends I have who make me laugh, who give me a helping hand, or who give me a different perspective on life.

Gratitude is an emotion which expresses appreciation for what we have, as opposed to what we want or need. Grateful thinking can increase levels of happiness, energy levels, and optimism.

This Thanksgiving, let’s resolve to increase the gratitude in our lives. Show those around us how much we appreciate them and give thanks for all the good things in life.

That’s what Thanksgiving is all about. Gratitude.

Let’s share our gratitude this year and make it a larger part or the year to come.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Posted by: Mellie Miller | November 10, 2013

Flu Shot or Not

I know it’s that time of year–flu shot time. And since I have asthma, my allergist is always suggesting I go ahead and get the shot.

But first, I just don’t do needles.

Second, I don’t trust the flu shot. Some members of my family have had adverse reactions to them and I just don’t want to take the risk.

If you haven’t made up your mind, check out this article first.

It contains some really good information on the flu vaccine.

Until later,

Stay healthy!


Posted by: Mellie Miller | October 22, 2013


If you’ve not been to my new website yet, go over and take a look. There, I have articles with links to help you find what you need for weight loss.

Ever heard of the Gabriel Method?

Jon Gabriel, best-selling author and developer of The Gabriel Method, lost 226 pounds by turning his subconscious mind into his ally.

He can show you how to do the same thing.

So go on over and look at my new site:

Then go check out The Gabriel Method. I’ve lost over 50 pounds.

Now it’s your turn.

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